My second website

During my internship while I was doing my graphic design study, like 5 or 6 years ago, I had learned how to build a website with HTML. I took the chance and made a website for myself, a portfolio website. I'm still really glad I did, I have all sort of work on it: photography, graphic design, set design for film, website design, self made music, and more. But now all these years later, I'm starting to become a professional photographer. So I needed a website specialized on my photography. It's needed to get to the right target audience. My older website is still online.

First website:

On the website you're now on, is to deepen into my photography carrier. Especially the wedding photography page. But I also want to show the other kinds of photography I practice, you can look into them on the photoshoot page. On this page there are examples of family shoots, shoots with models, portraits and events I have recently photographed.

I do a lot, I love to do a lot. Variation is important in my life, it keeps it exciting and fun for me. I will never choose to do only one thing and I will always be willing to grow and learn. I am productive, I work hard and fast. I am many sided.


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