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Experience of the couple

"We were looking for a good photographer for our wedding in the beautiful Drenthe. We found Lisa on the internet and made contact with her. We discussed our wishes during our first meeting and Lisa really helped us. She also gave the opportunity to let her make a video of the wedding. Lisa did good research to make our wishes and wedding photography come together. We were very pleased with that!
Lisa's photography during the big day was very good. She photographed a bridal shoot, the ceremony and the diner. Amazing photographs. Also the video she made took us back to the day. We are very pleased with Lisa and she is a good photographer who we want and will hire in the future! Thank you, Lisa!"

Ilse & Jibon

My experience

This is the first wedding I photographed. I got an e-mail from Jibon. he had found me through my website and asked for my price. I never photographed a wedding so I had no idea how much I should ask, this was why I started way to low. Jibon noticed and wanted to bring the price up, which was very nice. I met them in a restaurant so we could discuss their wishes. We had a connection and they were willing to give me the chance.

The wedding day went great, if I had any questions I could rely on Ilse and Jibon to answer them, and I had a nice diner they managed for me. It was a sunny they and Isle and Jibon looked stunning!

It was because their kindness that gave me a chance in the wedding photography business. I will forever thank them for it!

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